Stephanie is an amazing human being! She is one of the most empathetic people that I’ve ever met. I worked with her at a time when my life, and my career in particular, was at a crossroads. I felt confused, stuck and stressed out. During the meditation program, Stephanie created the space to take me on a powerful inner journeys, where I faced my shadows and found my deepest purpose. She helped me to view obstacles that blocked me from seeing things in myself and life clearly- and work through them so that I am in my full power. It’s been a powerful process that has shifted me into certainty and confidence!
— Sebastian M.
I’m so grateful for my time with Stephanie. I was at a point in my life where I longed for deeper self-knowing- to learn more about myself and especially my purpose. Stephanie helped me unblock and release past traumas and create freedom and expansion. After working with her I felt uplifted, clear and strong. If you need a genuine, caring, kind, confident light-worker in your life, then look no further as Stephanie creates positive results that will deeply serve you!
— Latiika R.