As a business owner and CEO for the past 15 years, I appreciate how Stephanie understands entrepreneurs’ struggles and supports and their missions, and shares the tools of mindfulness and meditation that help the most. I recognized that I was more than ready to scale my business and expand it in the ways I’d been planning and preparing for in the past several years. I also knew I could be an even better leader, not only in the office but by stepping into my dream role of public speaking to inspire others in their businesses. Working with Stephanie guided me into seeing my highest professional and personal visions would actualize. Not only did I feel support from Stephanie but I learned how to feel true and consistent support from myself and how to receive better backing from others. I felt galvanized to make my dreams and visions a reality and jumped in right away. Since then I have increased my income, become a better example of leadership to my employees, provided leadership and mindfulness training to my employees, expanded my business to other states, spoken at business events and seminars and started mentoring young women pursuing careers in business and entrepreneurship. I hope others take advantage of Stephanie’s program and utilize the tools and techniques she offers, and become more empowered, successful and impactful.
— Kelly M.