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...for the Office, Classroom and Teams

Productivity is an inside job...

The idea that we can leave our personal landscape out of work is a myth.

And it’s damaging teams and individuals.


Let’s stop pretending, for the health and wealth of organizations, that our inner well-being and personal resources don’t impact the workplace.

They do.


Let’s stop acting like trouble sleeping, lack of focus and stifled creativity don’t affect quarterly results.

They do.


Let’s stop bluffing that your suppressed leadership skills and untapped teamwork ability aren’t disturbing your organization’s productivity and profits.


They do.  


Want to create shifts?

Prioritize this and watch your team thrive (and make up for those few hours spent in training 10-fold).

Can you afford not to do this?

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Prioritize this and generate RESULTS:

  • Fine-tuned emotional intelligence for better relationships for client management, negotiation skills and teamwork

  • Fully tapped into creativity and resourcefulness for quicker problem solving

  • Streamlined energy and focus for peak performance and innovation

  • Bolder confidence and deeper leadership

  • Strengthened team work and company culture


You’ll be operating from a space of focus, flow and fortitude personally and professionally.

With top-notch execution of vision-aligned strategy and leadership that drives fulfillment and success.


What’s included in the training:


- Guided meditations to ignite flow-state, creative thinking and confidence

- Mindfulness tools that build better relationships for real-life and work-life application

- Continued support to ensure these empowering mindfulness practices are implemented

- Group practices for strengthening team-bonds and rapport

- A Mindfulness and Meditation Workbook 



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"Find clarity and purpose."

Stephanie is my go-to person when I need support. Working with Stephanie is a special experience, unlike working with anyone else. She creates a beautiful, safe space that makes it easy to open my heart and surrender to healing. She makes me feel deeply accepted with all of my vulnerability, truth, and fears. She has helped me become aware of patterns I’ve perpetuated in my life, let go of feelings that no longer serve me, and find clarity around who I am and what my purpose is. If you want to really dig deep into yourself, Stephanie is the perfect person to work with.
— Lexi Usgard