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"Improved health and feeling more positive overall."

While I’d heard the news about the benefits of meditation, I’d never been drawn to it. However, when my doctor strongly recommended it for stress and anxiety reduction, the promise of improved health motivated me to give it a shot. I didn’t know the first place to start though and the thought of ‘quieting my mind’ seemed impossible. I’m very thankful to have Stephanie show me the ropes! Working with her as my meditation guide brought immediate results of peace and relaxation. She taught me effective techniques that I’m easily able to do on my own and stick with, even without previous experience. And the positive effects have had staying power - my blood pressure is lower and my anxiety has lessened. I’m even sleeping better and feeling more positive overall. I’m very appreciative of Stephanie and for my new meditation practice.
— Dr. Robert Funk

"Now I'm feeling full liberation and happiness!"

WOW! I feel so much love and connection to the world after sessions with Stephanie! In the meditative state that Stephanie took me into I was able to witness all the unconscious energetic connections that were tied onto me from my family upbringing. It held me back from living my life fully and I had no idea. Now I’m feeling full liberation and happiness! You are magic, Stephanie!
— Eli Vaea, Founder at Eliment

"We all need a Stephanie Dickinson."

There is clearly a before, and an after Stephanie Dickinson. The changes and results are that clear. Stephanie has been my meditation coach for six months. During the program, she thoroughly supported me as my personal life coach by introducing me to thoughtful techniques, guiding me to set up my own meditation practice, helping me to learn more about myself and reach my goals and a higher level of consciousness.

Stephanie is a trustworthy, skilled and resourceful road companion who gives access to meditation in an amazingly joyful, colorful and effortless manner. We all need a Stephanie Dickinson. Thank you so much Stephanie, I am very grateful for the benefits and learnings of our collaboration.
— Cédric Moulin, Former CEO, Strategy Consultant