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Hi, I'm Stephanie. I help motivated men and women like you increase the impact and success of their business while living in alignment with their life purpose.

I live in Bali, travel the world and equip top-performers from across the globe with the tools they need to step into their full potential.

Like most of my clients, I've always been a go-getter and high achiever.

When I was growing up, I dreamed of being the CEO of a major corporation. I always had a free, entrepreneurial spirit but felt I should follow the corporate path for a while to learn the ropes. After all, the people I saw thriving financially held high-level, stable corporate jobs, and I subscribed to the story that I needed the same. I was taught that a steady job and paycheck were the ticket to the American Dream - and I bought in.

I wanted it all - the big paycheck, swanky charity fundraising events, praise from my family, the white BMW and the beach house. So I did the normal climb: I  attended a top-notch school for business - a guarantee for a job straight out of college - while working full time.

Even in the competitive job market of the time, I landed the corporate gig and was on my way up.


But I felt this for-profit corporate job was missing something.

Zapped of purpose, meaningful impact and energy. Feeling hollow.

At fancy events with expensive bottles of champagne, I wondered, “Is this really as good as it gets? Is this really what I'm striving for? Am I making a difference in the world?”

I elbowed my way to the top, and realized when I got there that without alignment, none of it was worth it.

So I dove into education and non-profit leadership, sectors which had the soul and service I felt lacking in the corporate space. What I found was that the hustle, burnout and rat race struggle was just as real, swapping one set of problems for the other. Rather than keeping shareholders happy, it was about receiving adequate funding - just another version of the rat race. I felt desperate and lonely, trying to save the world alone from my corner office, while burning the candle at both ends to bring in capital for good causes.

How could I keep working my tail off like this - exhausting myself - while maintaining success and feeling balanced and healthy? Was it worth it to burn myself out, consistently work overtime for the sake of bettering the world, all the while feeling my energy tanking?

To the outside world, I was thriving and the spitting image of success. But I knew my energy was maxed out- and frazzled to the bone from juggling a thousand things at once.

I felt the pressure to keep going - I couldn’t let anyone down - despite feeling so drained.

But I was missing something, something big, and I knew it...



I got the clear intuition that the missing link was within me.

The wisdom of my previous years of closeted meditation and yoga practice came rushing back to me. I realized that I hadn’t taken the time - even 10 minutes - to drop into my center and ask myself how I felt in YEARS and that hit me like a ton of bricks.

I felt heavy and exhausted from the lack of inner support, all while trying to fight the good fight and be superwoman to the world.


I had completely neglected my relationship with myself and that, not my packed schedule, was what was actually causing burn out.


I knew this wasn’t sustainable - I couldn’t go on like this.

That’s when I realized that while I still wanted to have a positive social impact and earn great money, I needed to do it my way. I wanted more out of my career and my life than adrenal fatigue and constant stress, and I knew there was a better way to manage it.

So I went all in... diving deep into meditation and mindfulness for self-mastery.


I deepened my practice, devoted myself to years of training and replenished myself from the inside out.

And by nourishing my soul and going within, I discovered so much more I had to offer - untapped reservoirs of energy just waiting to spill over.

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I moved to Bali, launched my business, and now have the lush sense of alignment, personal freedom and energy from doing what I love most.

The problem I became passionate about solving is helping top-level executives, organizational leaders and in-the-world achievers utilize mindfulness to strengthen their teams, grow their profits and feel better in the process.

And I started seeing my clients transform their lives.


Not only were they feeling more energized and supported within, their outer worlds were reflecting the positive shifts - upscaling their businesses’ impact and their incomes.

Now I help my clients find more purpose, alignment and fulfillment inside of their jobs, rather than feel like they have to numb out, check out and escape. I’ve helped hundreds of ambitious men and women, from 7-figure executives to Olympic athletes, fulfill their purpose and reach their highest potential through meditation and mindfulness training, positive psychology tools and leadership techniques that encourage peak performance.  


If this sounds like a path you'd like to take together, I'd be honored.

Please contact me for a free discovery session below.




"Grow so much from working with Stephanie."

I’ve been able to lean on, learn with, and grow so much from working with Stephanie. I don’t trust most people with my inner and deep feelings, but I’ve never felt hesitation with Stephanie. She’s always sure to provide a safe, comfortable, and open space which really allows me to fully open up and be aware. Her program has guided me to open unconscious limitations, clear them, and accept greatness. She is a blessing in my life that I’ll be forever grateful for.
— Bethany Kinner

"Shifted me from confusion into certainty and confidence."

Stephanie is an amazing human being! I worked with her at a time when my life, and my career in particular, was at a crossroads. I felt confused, stuck and stressed out. During the meditation program, Stephanie created the space to take me on a powerful inner journeys, where I faced my shadows and found my deepest purpose. She helped me to view obstacles that blocked me from seeing things in myself and life clearly - and work through them so that I am in my full power. It’s been a powerful process that has shifted me into certainty and confidence!
— Sebastian Mora

"Operate at higher level."

I was lucky enough to be guided to have a meditation session with Stephanie in February 2017. I found Stephanie to be very insightful and intuitive, especially with visions she received. These visions and breakthroughs assisted in identifying and releasing limiting subconscious beliefs. I highly recommend anyone who may feel they can operate at higher level, to have a session with Stephanie.
— Shane Leopold

"After working with her I felt uplifted, clear and strong."

I’m so grateful for my time with Stephanie. I was at a point in my life where I longed for deeper self-knowing - especially my purpose. Stephanie helped me unblock and release past traumas and create freedom and expansion. After working with her I felt uplifted, clear and strong. If you need a genuine, caring, kind, confident light-worker in your life, then look no further as Stephanie creates positive results that will deeply serve you!
— Latiika Russell