Mindfulness & Meditation for Self-Mastery

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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I guide high achievers to focus their minds, Rewire habits, increase energy & Boost Success.

I’ve helped hundreds of ambitious men and women, from 7-figure executives to Olympic athletes, fulfill their purpose and reach their highest potential through meditationmindfulness training, positive psychology tools and leadership techniques.


You're a high achiever. I get it.

And I'm here to remind you that busy isn't a badge of honor.

Because when you're holding up the world like Atlas, it's only a matter of time before something's gotta give. That something doesn't need to be your sanity or your success when you set yourself up right from the inside out.

It's my job to show you the keys to your kingdom lie in your most important asset:

Your relationship with yourself.

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Let's Work Together


Whether it's my one-on-one coachingworkshops, speaking eventsretreats or online course… 

There are a lot of different ways we can work together to use Mindset Mastery and Meditation Training to increase the impact and success of your business while fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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"Stephanie has been a secret weapon in my career advancement."

Stephanie has been a secret weapon in my career advancement. As soon as I started to work with her I noticed big shifts and tons of goodies came forward. Stephanie understands the life of an entrepreneur, brings balance and clarity and keeps me in alignment with my main vision. This is what brings success! I recommend Stephanie’s meditation program totally! She is very professional, compassionate and trustworthy. By working with Stephanie I have been able to juggle it all with so much ease and grace! I am grateful for having her in my life!
— Bisila Bokoko, Founder at Bisila Bokoko Embassy Intl & On-Air Expert at Women’s Media Center

"Stephanie is an absolute master in meditation."

Stephanie is an absolute master in meditation. I have had the pleasure of working with her one-on-one, and her Theta meditation style is one of the deepest I have ever experienced in guided energetic sessions (and I’ve had many!). We cleared A LOT, and she helped me connect the dots to old energies that had been limiting my present growth and happiness. She is also a teacher in my company the FeelTank, an online conscious classroom. I had to ask her to be a teacher as I’ve experienced her work and gifts first- hand. With our tech platform she is now reaching many with her guided meditations. I am so grateful to know her, and call her a friend!
— Kara Dake, Founder at The Feminine Intelligence
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"Achieve my goals and dreams."

Stephanie opens up possibilities for others through her experienced work as a meditation and consciousness coach. She has a unique ability to connect her clients with their own source of wisdom and strength in business, love, and life to achieve their goals and dreams. She has a clear style of communicating and offering value. Stephanie is a powerful force of love and light. I recommend her!
— David Hopkins, Founder at Creative Expansion

"Scaled my business and increased my income."

As a business owner and CEO for the past 15 years, I appreciate how Stephanie understands my struggles and goals as an entrepreneur. I recognized that I was more than ready to scale my business and expand it in the ways I’d been planning for in the past several years. I also knew I could be an even better leader, not only in the office but by stepping into my dream role of public speaking to inspire others in their businesses. But I felt stuck and frustrated that I was playing too small. Working with Stephanie guided me into seeing how my highest professional and personal visions would actualize. Not only did I feel support from Stephanie but I learned how to feel true and consistent support from myself and how to receive better backing from others. I felt galvanized to make my dreams and visions a reality and jumped in right away. Since then I have increased my income, become a better example of leadership to my employees, provided leadership and mindfulness training to my employees, expanded my business to other states, spoken at business events and seminars and started mentoring young women pursuing careers in business and entrepreneurship! I hope others take advantage of Stephanie’s program and utilize the tools and techniques she offers, and become more empowered, successful and impactful.
— Kelly Moore, Founder at Moore Benefits

"Improving mindset and heightening performance."

Stephanie enthusiastically taught us about meditation and mindfulness which our community is strongly engaging with! Athletes of all levels and types are benefiting from what Stephanie shared with us! The athletes, coaches and community now have the most impactful and relevant practices and information on improving mindset, heightening performance and bettering team building. Thank you Stephanie!
— Mark Henderson, Olympian, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Athlete's Village
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