Myths About Meditation

If you imagine a person meditating, what do you see?

Is he or she sitting on the floor with his or her legs crossed and eyes closed? And do you imagine that he or she has a thought-free, blank mind? If so, then please read on to get the truth about meditation.

Myth 1:
Have an Empty Mind
Truth 1: Our minds are made to think, and we can actually work with our mind’s thoughts and activity to enhance our meditations!

Myth 2:
Meditation Needs to Take an Hour
Truth 2: Some of the most powerful meditations take minutes or even seconds! Dharana (in Sanskrit), or speed meditation, does just that.

Myth 3:
No Moving During Meditation
Truth 3: If pain or discomfort are distracting you during meditation, then by all means adjust yourself to get comfortable and return to your meditation! Also, the body may move itself, called kriyas (in Sanskrit), during meditation. These spontaneous movements may be the body’s way of releasing energy, tension, blockages, and such to aid you to move deeper into your meditative state.

Myth 4:
Meditation is Religious
Truth 4: Meditation is a mode of consciousness, used to train the mind to enter into awareness. Anyone can use it in a variety of ways. It is not religious.

Myth 5:
I have to sit in lotus position (legs crossed) on the floor.
Truth 5: You can sit however you like. Having an erect spine during meditation is recommended as it helps us stay present and provides proper alignment in our bodies. Rather than sitting on the floor, you can try sitting on a chair (leaning on the back of the chair if you prefer) or stacked cushions (supporting your back against the wall, if that feels right).