What Is Actually Creating Your Life

One of the pivotal aspects in personal transformation, and one that reigns in the ThetaHealing technique, is the work with belief systems. Our belief systems function as our internal operating system, much like software operating systems of a computer, and they dictate the thoughts we make and the actions we take. They color our lens and control us on subconscious, unconscious, and conscious levels. In essence, our beliefs create how our real lives play out, from our day-to-day to the years making the stretches of life. That’s huge!

Here’s an example of conscious and unconscious beliefs, to help clarify the difference:

Conscious beliefs are those that you’re AWARE of, that you know you have or know to be true for you. For example:

  • “I live in Bali.”
  • “My name is Stephanie.”
  • “I’m from the U.S.”

Unconscious beliefs are those you are likely UNAWARE that you have. They are often created in early developmental stages such as in childhood, and as a way to cope with and protect from trauma, drama, and pain. For example:

  • “It’s unsafe to be in close relationships.”
  • “I can’t express myself truly because it will upset people.”
  • “I’m not good with money.”
  • “Men can’t be trusted.”

When you say a held unconscious belief to yourself, it will probably not resonate with you. For example, if you have the unconscious belief “I’m not good with money”, you may consciously think something like, “No, I’m not really that bad with money. I want to be wealthy and successful!”  Here, your conscious self registers that this statement or belief  isn’t in alignment with you and what you consciously want, so the conscious side rejects it as true, talking yourself (the conscious part) out of believing it to be true for you.

Here’s the tricky part:

How can it be that in spite of what you say and intend, and even do, the results show something entirely different?  Even if we acknowledge to ourselves consciously what we want- what our conscious beliefs are- and we go for that, if our unconscious beliefs are in conflict with those conscious ones, then, Houston, we have a problem: our unconscious beliefs rule. They win.

It goes like this:

You want something. You’re aware of what you want, you even have a clear intention of it/ your belief/ your goal, and you take the actions steps to get it. And then you take a look at the results. Did you say you wanted one thing, and took actions to make it happen, but get a greatly different result than intended? If so, then it’s highly probable that your unconscious was the culprit here.

Perhaps you have been carrying extra weight and you’ve been telling yourself, and your friends, that you’re going to take kickboxing classes and eat healthier. You get an accountability buddy on board and start going to to the gym together a couple times a week. You make green smoothies stop drinking soda. And then, within a few weeks, these healthy practices begin to fade and before long you’re back into old patterns with the state of your health not feeling any better off.

Or maybe you’ve made a promise to yourself to have more stability and security financially. You actually start to put more hours in at the office and it feels good to see those extra $dollar signs$ rolling in as overtime pay! But after a month of working those extra hours, and feeling the tiredness and strain from it, your bank statement doesn’t reflect the added funds. Apparently you’ve been spending at the same rate that you’ve been earning.

What’s going on here? Again, the results of going for what you want and not getting it is the work of your unconscious beliefs! Realizing that you’re responsible for the self-sabotage can be frustrating and confusing! And, often, it can be too much for your conscious self to bear, so it puts up blinders so you don’t recognize either the self-sabotage and/or where it’s coming from. THIS is where someone gently pointing out and navigating you through the beliefs, along with a practice of compassion and love comes in handy! We have to cut ourselves some slack and remind ourselves that our unconscious set up these beliefs to actually help us. At the time these beliefs were established, it was the safest and easiest way to survive and thrive. Plus it’s very likely that these beliefs were created during childhood when our brains and critical thinking were not fully developed. This is why we can have some very illogical beliefs that do not serve us and what we really want!

So, we’ve seen that we have some un-serving and outdated beliefs, now what?

Through a space of compassion, love, and healing, we can work with the ThetaHealing technique and meditation to release the old, outdated beliefs and their associated feelings, and replace them with conscious, positive, self-serving beliefs! And then see the results: Your reality now reflects what you actually want!