What Is “Theta”?

What is a theta state?

The theta state refers to theta brainwave, measured at 3-8HZ. It is the state where the body is in deep relaxation while the mind is conscious, as found in a deep mediation or the in-between sleep and awake “twilight” stage.
What’s important about the theta state?

Visualizations in theta states are strongest and the creativity of your unconscious mind is easily accessed. Here we can retrieve information beyond our normal conscious awareness, which we can use to create fulfilling changes and healing on all levels of consciousness.
How can I enter a theta brainwave state?

You can enter the theta brainwave state quickly in a guided meditation, like the one I use during sessions. Experience it yourself by listening to this video. The founder of the ThetaHealing Technique, Vianna Stibal, instructs us through a pithy debut of the ThetaHealing meditation technique. Have a listen and participate, if you fancy.  ThetaHealing® 7 Planes of Existence Meditation
You can also enter theta by listening to certain types of tones and beats, like these found on YouTube:

Lucid Dreaming Sleep Track

And “Pure Theta Waves: Meditation


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