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I’ll help you to connect the dots, so you can see the full, beautiful picture.

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Re-Create Your Beliefs and Programs

We’ll use meditation practices, life coaching tools and positive psychology to guide you into the theta brainwave state – ideal for achieving deep reframing and repairing of unconscious belief systems and mental blocks that stop you from getting what you really want.
We’ll release old belief systems and create new, expansive mental structures which support and sustain the creation of a happier, healthier you. So that you can live in the highest and best ways possible.

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Clients report:

  • Clearer communication with others, fewer fights, less nagging, and less confusion
  • Being more in control and more able to get what they want
  • Feeling more at at ease- fewer headaches and less frustration, anger & spinning out
  • More strength and positive energy
  • Finding clarity in their purposes and lives
  • Feeling supported and motivated
  • Knowing how to stay grounded, even during stressful or frustrating times
  • Being successful in their plans & actions and getting the results they’re aiming for
  • Feeling seen, heard and deeply understood
  • Having healthier and more successful relationships
  • No longer feel stuck, fearful or stagnant
  • Gaining broader perspective, more freedom, awareness, and joy


I’m so grateful for my time with Stephanie. I was at a point in my life where I longed for deeper self-knowing- to learn more about myself and especially my purpose. Stephanie helped me unblock and release past traumas and create freedom and expansion. After working with her I felt uplifted, clear and strong. If you need a genuine, caring, kind, confident light-worker in your life, then look no further as Stephanie creates positive results that will deeply serve you!

Latiika R.

Stephanie is an amazing human being! She is one of the most empathetic people that I’ve ever met. I worked with her at a time when my life, and my career in particular, was at a crossroads. I felt confused, stuck and stressed out. During the meditation program, Stephanie created the space to take me on a powerful inner journeys, where I faced my shadows and found my deepest purpose. She helped me to view obstacles that blocked me from seeing things in myself and life clearly- and work through them so that I am in my full power. It’s been a powerful process that has shifted me into certainty and confidence!

Sebastian M.

Stephanie is my go-to person when I need support. Working with Stephanie is a special experience, unlike working with anyone else. She creates a beautiful, safe space that makes it easy to open my heart and surrender to healing. She makes me feel deeply accepted with all of my vulnerability, truth, and fears. She has helped me become aware of patterns I’ve perpetuated in my life, let go of feelings that no longer serve me, and find clarity around who I am and what my purpose is. If you want to really dig deep into yourself, Stephanie is the perfect person to work with.

Lexi U.

Stephanie Dickinson is an absolute angel. She truly embodies love, compassion and joy—just being in her energy is healing enough. She has a very nurturing, gentle and cheerful presence that really helps you drop in and connect with your inner guidance. She is a natural teacher and guide and empowers you to find the answers within yourself in a very fun, light and easy way. She is an all around amazing person and I feel so lucky to know her. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your love and light with the world!

Petra H.

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you, Stephanie. I had a rocky week leading up to our recent session and really appreciate your guidance. Speaking with you is always amazing. I am constantly inspired by you and you make me strive to be the best version of myself. Even though you’re on the other side of the world it warms my heart to know I have such a lovely friend and guide! To be able to have such a true, honest conversation and dig deep is valuable and I always leave my time with you feeling so good.

Ashley H.

After weeks of feeling stuck in a few areas, I sought a session with Stephanie.  The atmosphere is professional, safe, relaxed and open. This allowed us to dive right in and resulted in me having profound insights. From the meditative state, we reached the root of the issues. Quickly Stephanie was able to spot various core beliefs that had been affecting the way I experience the world.  Once these beliefs were brought into view, I was able to see how they were negatively influencing me and I simply shifted them and let them go. I saw it all clearly, perhaps for the first time. Immediately after this session, I regained the power to see the world from my authentic view. I felt a strong sense of liberation- like a fresh start.  Suddenly, my prior feeling of being stuck had transformed! Thank you Stephanie for rocking my world in a healthy way! What a great experience and what a great gift you have to share with the world!

Matthew S.

I’ve been able to lean on, learn with, and grow so much from working with Stephanie. I don’t trust most people with my inner and deep feelings, but I’ve never felt hesitation with Stephanie. She’s always sure to provide a safe, comfortable, and open space which really allows me to fully open up and be aware. Her program has guided me to open unconscious limitations, clear them, and accept greatness. She is a blessing in my life that I’ll be forever grateful for.

Bethany K.

Stephanie is very warm and friendly and she has a calming effect, so I immediately felt relaxed. Our session took me on a journey through my darkest and lightest places. It was emotional and, overall, up-lifting. It made me aware of things about  myself that I hadn’t considered for a long time and didn’t realized still affected me. The visual and meditative quality  of the session makes it peaceful and enlightening, and I learned techniques that I can use on my own.

Mel J.

I was lucky enough to be guided to have a meditation session with Stephanie in February 2017. I found Stephanie to be very insightful and intuitive, especially with visions she received. These visions and break throughs assisted in identifying and releasing limiting subconscious beliefs. I highly recommend anyone who may feel they can operate at higher level, to have a session with Stephanie.

Shane LeopoldCo-Founder of Master of Wellness

WOW! I feel so much love and connection to the world after sessions with Stephanie! In the meditative state that Stephanie took me into I was able to witness all the unconscious energetic connections that were tied onto me from my family upbringing. It held me back from living my life fully and I had no idea. Now I’m feeling full liberation and happiness! You are magic, Stephanie!

Eli V.

Stephanie has been a secret weapon in my career advancement. As soon as I started to work with her I noticed big shifts in my path and tons of goodies came forward. Stephanie understands the life of an entrepreneur and she is able to manage to bring balance and clarity in the mind, which helps in order to make the right decisions and to have vision, which brings success! I recommend Stephanie’s meditation sessions totally! We live in the era of consciousness and to be able to be more conscious is a gift that she brings to her clients. On another note she is very professional, kind, sweet and compassionate, on top of trustworthy. As a woman entrepreneur and speaker wellbeing is key to maintain harmony of all the areas of life therefore working with Stephanie I have been able to juggle all the balls in the air with so much ease and grace! I am grateful for having her in my life and as a provider of wisdom and spiritual health!

Bisila B.

Stephanie opens up possibilities for others through her experienced work as a meditation and consciousness coach. She has a unique ability to connect her clients with their own source of wisdom and strength in business, love, and life to achieve their goals and dreams. She has a clear style of communicating and offering value. Stephanie is a powerful force of love and light. I absolutely recommend her!

David H.

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About Me

As a curious truth-seeker, I am happily devoted to investigating and testing out how to live the optimal life. And I am grateful to share this wisdom and guide others to live their lives in the highest and best ways possible. 

I’m from sunny Southern California. I’ve lived in Asia for the past six years, and my current home is on the paradise island of Bali. My mission is to integrate and translate authentic eastern practices for western audiences at home.

I am a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and trained meditation and yoga teacher. I’ve had a dedicated and purposeful yoga and meditation practice for the past 15 years. In addition, I have trained in Thai Yoga Massage in Northern Thailand. And, in Bali, I have delved into a full spectrum of body work and healing arts.

I have compiled my experiences and learnings from the East and West into a significant and profound practice.

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